Generic Viagra in Spain

There are three main reasons for the rapid expansion of Viagra and Levitra no prescription in Spain taking place. The first, and possibly the most important, is the role of the medication as a recreational drug. Using Viagra for purposes other than treating erectile dysfunction is quite high, with many young revelers taking the pills for increased performance in the bedroom. They can be found in all of the well-known clubs and discos in major cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, and the former party mecca of Ibiza, where a single pill of generic Viagra overnight can amount for up to $80 a piece. In the pharmacies, a box of eight pills costs approximately $104. Appreciation, alright.

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The second reason is the self-image of the men of Spain as being macho. Thus, using Viagra sin receta is a form of insurance wherein a man will be confident about his abilities to perform. The last reason is the culture of talking about sex in Spain. While speaking of sex in the strongly Catholic nation was previously looked down upon, a sexual revolution has occurred, with men and women both more willing to discuss sex and find ways to improve their sexual lives.



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